Stanley Cup Playoffs 2013 – Day 11

Day-11 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

INKTIME  on RINKTIME Observations and Random thoughts by Chris Madsen:

Another year without a Cup for Habs fans“…this is an actual headline from the Montreal Gazette web site this morning–so this gives you a sense of what the level of expectation is when you play for the Canadiens.  However, credit writer Stu Cowan for going on in the article to recognize that the Canadiens are “on the right track”, showed  “remarkable improvement” and captured the  Northeast Division title after finishing “dead-last the season before”.

Now, to put things in perspective–being a native of Chicago, I got to thinking of how managed our level of expectation has been when it comes to one of our sports franchises in particular.  Imagine, the Chicago Tribune or the Sun-Times could have re-used the same printing plate that reads “Another year without a World Series Title for Cub Fans”–for the last 104 YEARS! And the way the Cubbies are playing this year, I think it is safe to say we can make it 105!  Hence, the headline in Chicago could easily be revised to read “ANOTHER YEAR…MAKE IT A DECADE, WORSE YET…HOW ABOUT A CENTURY WITHOUT A TITLE FOR CUBS FANS???!!!”

BTW, like picking at a scab that just won’t heal, this same article makes reference to the fact that today, May 10, marks the 40th anniversary of the Canadiens 1973 Stanley Cup championship–when they beat the Chicago Blackhawks 6-4 in Game 6 of the Final. Like I need to be reminded, right? Oh, and furthermore, it was one of six Stanley Cups the Canadiens won during the 1970s.  In this day and age of preserving parity, there’s something that will probably never happen again!


MOVING ON…the Sentors dispensed of the Canadiens in 5 short games to move beyond the Opening Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs since 2007–the year they eventually lost to to the Anaheim Ducks in the Finals.  Meanwhile, the Blackahwks also said “so-long” to the Minnesota Wild 4-games-to-1 to advance for the first time since they won the Cup in 2010 over Phildelphia.  Both teams join the Sharks in the early Winner’s Circle.


ZETTERBERG?  ZETTERBERG?  ZETTERBERG?: Reminiscent of that classic scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where Ben Stein dryly takes the roll call of “Bueller?  Bueller?  Bueller?” only to be met by dead silence. Henrik Zetterberg’s silence could prove deadly for the Red Wings as they enter a win or go home game tonight v. the Ducks at The Joe.

Not only has Zetterberg failed to register a goal through the first five game of this Opening Round Series, but the fact of the matter is that he hasn’t scored in his last seven postseason games dating back to last year’s first-round vanishing act against the Nashville Predators.  Clearly under the misroscope now, Zetterberg says not to worry, ”You want to be on the scoresheet. All you can do is continue to work hard, keep putting pucks on the net, and hopefully one or two will sneak by the goalie.”

And as for the Wings being pushed to the brink of elimination, Zetterberg reminds us, ”We’ve been through this before.  It’s first to four, not first to three.”  And if he wants a fighting chance to force a Game-7, perhaps he should simplify the equation even further–by chipping in with “one”…as in a goal…or two…or three.





Toronto at Boston 7:00 PM EST
NY Rangers at Washington 7:30 PM
Anaheim at Detroit 8:00 PM
St. Louis at Los Angeles 10:00 PM

Chris Madsen