Media Coaching & Training

Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking to polish your skills or aspiring to become one, Chris is available to help. His uncanny ability to quickly identify the talents, strengths, and weaknesses of individuals looking to polish their skills or break into the world as a professional on-air talent continues to shape and mold the careers of everyone he touches. He also works with business executives to strengthen their presentation skills.


Voice Over, Speaking, MC

If you are looking for a tried and true professional to provide a voice to your brand, campaign or even an event, look no further. Chris has a proven track record of being one of California's most sought after voice talents. He has consistently produced results whether it be as the master of ceremonies at fund raising events and silent auctions or simply doing an audio reading.


Author & Writer

Chris is the author of Joshua Shoots, He Scores. A story of a chance meeting between a professional sports broadcaster and a raving sports fan who was struggling with cerebral palsy. This work documents Chris and Joshua's heartfelt journey through their individual and shared challenges with an outcome that continues to unfold in present day - and a friendship that is sure to last a lifetime.